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My school has began a new campaign against bullying, so there have been anti- bullying posters plastered all over the walls of the school like the ugly wall-paper on the walls of my grandma’s living room. Both are probably equally effective in stopping bullying. The first thing the posters tell us to do Is to avoid the bully. As Is we are the ones who walk up to them every day. I wonder if that means If someone bully you In one of your classes then you can avoid that class? If someone was bullying me right now I’d try it. The second thing the posters say Is to make friends.

With who, the bully? Or make friends with other people so the bully won’t bother you anymore? In case the school hasn’t noticed bullies, as annoying and unpleasant as they are, also have friends. That means now the bully and their friends can now bully you and your friends! A wonderful suggestion. The third place of advice Is to tell someone, I’m guessing that means to tell a teacher because It falls to specify. That seems Like a good Idea, until you try It. I challenge you the next day you go to school to go up to a coacher and say you’re being bullied, even If you’re not.

Here’s what they’ll say: “I’m sorry but I can’t do anything until they do something that I see them doing”, or something to that effect. So they’ll wait until the bully beats you up or makes you have a nervous break down, or you kill yourself, or you snap and come in and shoot up the school. Is that what they mean? Will they do something then? To tell you the truth the only reason these posters bother me so much right now is because of a recent school shooting, not at my school but near here. I wonder about the kid who did it.


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